“Dr. Stephen Doyne and I have conducted a series of workshops that were attended mainly by practicing psychologists as well as psychiatrists focused on the use of the MMPI-2 in child custody litigation and in cases of domestic violence.

Dr. Doyne led the discussion of ethical issues and timely changes in California state policies and court practices involving custody litigation and domestic violence. I personally benefitted from his practical focus and ethical clarity. His science is well planted, and his humanity is ever present. He is a warm and caring individual as well as a most gratifying person with whom to work.”

Alex Caldwell Ph.D, ABPP
Recipient of numerous awards and honors by fellow psychologists for his unique interpretive skills of the MMPI

“I have known Dr. Stephen Doyne for approximately a quarter of a century. We have worked together on important and sensitive matters related to the profession of psychology. In addition, we have consulted on clinical cases.

I have always been impressed with Doctor Doyne’s integrity, intelligence, sensitivity, courage and ability to see complex tasks to their conclusion. It has been a privilege to get to work alongside Doctor Doyne over these many years and to follow his leadership. Doctor Doyne has earned the highest respect from his colleagues in this profession. Psychology and the people we serve are better off professionally and personally because of our experience with Dr. Doyne.”

Stephen E. Berger, Ph.D., ABPP, FAACP, FPPR
Diplomates in Clinical Psychology, in Forensic Psychology and in Psychopharmacology
Asst. Professor of Clinical Psychology
Argosy University Orange County

“Dear Dr. Doyne,

I am writing this in great gratitude to you and your utmost professionalism in addressing my horrific divorce and child custody issues. As you well know, some of life’s changes affect us at the core of who and what we are, and are therefore undertaken with great expenditures of energy and passion. Divorce represented one of those changes for me. Moreover divorce represented not just the loss of my marriage but also the loss of my children due to geographic circumstances. The referee that was ultimately assigned by the court to decide on my children’s custody fate was you Dr. Doyne.

You were the third such “Expert of Family Matters” that my now broken family was encountering. Unfortunately I understand that by the very nature your position, you faced a task that would leave at least one parent unhappy. Your job was to evaluate our specific situation and render an opinion on where the children would have the best chance to thrive. I am grateful Dr. Doyne that you truly took the time and listened carefully to all sides of my family’s story …and sorted through the rhetoric by pursuing the facts in an objective and very understandable way.

What surprised me was your persistence and willingness to stay on an open minded course through a firestorm of verbal and emotional conflict to do what you thought would be best for my children. You did not…ever… take the easy route of simply maintaining the status quo or “punting” us off for another evaluation when things got difficult. When we or the court ask that an outsider make tough choices for a family that is no longer functional…I suppose that by definition there will always be a person who ends up happy…but there will also be a person who will be very unhappy. Your strength and professionalism really came through at this time. In doing what you thought was best for my children, you have given them the opportunity to thrive and even begin to bloom…which they are now doing.

And for that Dr. Doyne, I, as well as my children, will be forever grateful to you.”

Unnamed Client (due to Client / privacy laws)\

“I will always be grateful to Dr. Doyne and would highly recommend him for any family going through the difficult process of divorce.

I have 3 children and when the divorce began they were all very young. Dr. Doyne was instrumental in creating a custody plan that worked for my children. They had to be considered individually as well as collectively and the strengths and limitations of both parents had to be considered in order to create a custody plan that would work.

Doctor Doyne effectively evaluated and developed a plan that minimized the children’s negative impact from the divorce. I did not like nor agree with many of the aspects of the Doctors custody plan but it proved to be amazingly helpful in guiding our children and ultimately my ex and I through the divorce process. The divorce took quite some time and the custody sharing plan had periods of time where things were to be re-evaluated and adjusted based on the age and emotional readiness of the children.

It really turned out to be a fabulous plan for the children. I can with joy and thanks look at each of my children and see well-adjusted individuals. I do not believe they would be thriving without the knowledgeable, insightful, patient effort and dedication that Doctor Doyne showed towards the children, my ex and I and the custody plan he created and managed.”

Unnamed Client (due to Client / privacy laws)

“Without hesitation, I believe that Dr. Doyne is one of the most effective, fully aware and highly experienced child advocates in the San Diego court system.

I have two girls who were age 4 and 7 at the time of my divorce. Dr. Doyne was assigned as the custody evaluator in the case. After careful evaluation, he created a custodial plan that was child centric and provided a sense of predictability and calm for my girls. His grace and wisdom not only made the process comfortable for my girls, but also for me. They bonded with Dr. Doyne, in fact looked forward to the visits.

From the start, Dr. Doyne put my girls’ interest first and as a result, 6 years later, they are thriving, healthy and hardly feel the impact of the divorce.

I highly recommend Dr. Doyne for any family that goes through high conflict or any divorce where children are concerned. I will always be thankful that Dr. Doyne was our custody evaluator.”

Unnamed Client (due to Client / privacy laws)

“Over the last decade, I have been a patient of Dr. Stephen Doyne on three separate occasions for three different reasons. In each situation, he was able to guide me in discovering the underlying causes of my problem, and assist my decision-making process to modify behavioral patterns.

Thanks to Dr. Doyne’s insight and professional expertise, I made necessary adjustments that have allowed me to fulfill my personal goals and enjoy a rewarding lifestyle. Bottom Line: Dr. Doyne is always available for a follow up call. He has a good heart.”

Unnamed Client (due to Client / privacy laws)